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EveryThing, Peckham

Operating from 2015 to late-2019, Assembly Point was a contemporary art space encompassing a gallery and studios run by artists Sam Walker and James Edgar. In the summer of 2018, they briefed the practice to design and build a suite of display furniture that would facilitate both an upcoming show and series of events beyond.

Working with a budget of less than £1,000, the furniture was drawn up as a family of birch plywood objects, each supported by characterising buttressed legs. This suite included three tables, a bar, a set of tall shelves, two armchairs, and two stools. By introducing a series of inflections within their surfaces, the tables and shelves allowed for the presentation of two-dimensional work and booklets alongside sculptural pieces.

Built by Thom Brisco and Sam Walker across the preceding week, the furniture made its first appearance at ‘EveryThing’, an artist multiples event opening on the 29th of July 2018. Various items would go on to be selected for use at the gallery’s programme of events across the following year before the show ‘EveryThing Must Go!’ brought the gallery’s activities to a close.

As of 2021, several of the furniture items remain in use at SITE café on the Hackney Road, alongside a small number of fresh additions to the set, providing seating for its vegan clientele.